We are a people who exist to Live and Give the Life Jesus Promises


Alpha Course

Starting January 23, 2019

The Alpha Course, is world wide in 169 countries and over 20 million people have done the course. It's also hosted in many cities all over the US. It’s for people who don’t know what they think about Jesus, as well as those very new to their faith in Christ. God has been using Alpha as a tool to draw millions to faith in Christ for the last 30 years.

Decorating for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 6:00pm

If you love Christmas, decorating, cookies, festive drinks and good company then this is for you. An annual favorite event and an excuse to sing Christmas songs!

If your Community Group meets that night, why not come and join in on the fun. All helping hands of all ages are welcome!


Sunday, December 2 during the Service

We have another opportunity for those of you who have not yet been baptized, but are ready to take this important step. As the Scriptures teach, we believe that baptism is a powerful moment of identification with Jesus and confessing your faith in him within community. Please sign up here and we will receive a notification that you are interested in baptism.


At OLCC, “everybody plays.”

We invest ourselves and give to others what God has given us. We want people to be a vital part of our community and to extend God’s kingdom into your community. When you use what God has given you, you give to others and connect with people you might otherwise never have met.  Serving together brings a kind of belonging that just can’t be had in other ways.


Upcoming Events

One of our values is Family.  Within each person is a deep desire to belong and be known. As a church, we are committed to doing life together as family where people are honored and accepted. 



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Free Coffee & Bagels

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Worship Service

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