At OLCC, “everybody plays.”

We invest ourselves and give to others what God has given us. We want you to be a vital part of our community and to extend God’s kingdom into your community. When you use what God has given you, you give to others and connect with people you might otherwise never have met.  Serving together brings a kind of belonging that just can’t be had in other ways.

Below each team is the name of someone you can contact in order to get more information. We look forward to serving with you.


Breakfast Team

The Breakfast Team brews coffee and supplies a simple and delicious breakfast to the OLCC congregation on Sunday mornings.

Bruce Brown /


Usher Team

The Ushers are responsible for greeting and welcoming church members and visitors into the sanctuary as well as collecting the offering.

Kailey Marcum /


 Greeter Team

Volunteers on the Greeter Team make sure each member or visitor who enters OLCC knows that he or she is welcome here, feels comfortable, and receives what information they might need.

Kailey Marcum /


Visuals Team

The Visuals Team is responsible for running the screens on a Sunday with both songs and preaching slides. This team enables our body to easily join in worship and engage with the teaching.

Jack Kilman /


Worship and Sound Team

The Worship and Sound Team helps God’s people to join with one of their primary created purposes forever — to give God glory through worshiping and praising Him! The Worship ministry spans many areas including Sunday mornings, community groups, children’s worship, and youth group.

Brad Kilman /


Youth Team

Our youth group is split up into middle school (6th-8th) and high school (9th-12th). Our middle school meets on Wednesdays from 6:15pm-8:15pm and high school meets on Sundays from 6:00pm-8:00pm. We are currently looking to add more worship leaders and small group leaders to our rotations for Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

Colt Westbrook / for Wednesdays

Kailey Marcum / for Sundays


photography Team

The Photography Team captures life at OLCC on Sunday mornings and at special events.

Claire Westbrook /


Events & Hospitality Team

The Events & Hospitality Team helps host various events at OLCC. This includes things like Sunday leadership lunches, Sunday picnics, conferences, and other occasional meetings and needs. This team aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere while serving others.

Carolyn McHenry /


OLCCKid’s Team

Our Spiritual Formation Team Members are responsible for presenting God-centered curriculum on Sunday mornings. We want the kids to connect with the Lord every time we are together, and we do that by teaching and practicing spiritual disciplines. These disciplines include prayer, thanksgiving, repentance, casting cares on the Lord, worship, service, listening, and intercession. We are leading them to lead!  An environment of confidence is created where children feel a part of a team, open and close us in prayer, pray for each other, and share insights.

Esther Kerr /


Member Care Team

The Member Care Team looks after the needs of those in our body by participating in hospital visits, visits to people unable to attend church services or Community Groups due to health reasons, giving to the Member Care Fund which assists members with financial needs, and praying for pastoral needs in the church by joining the email prayer group.

Mike Milner /


Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is an introductory course to Christianity for people asking the big questions about life and wanting to explore the claims of Jesus in an informal and non-threatening environment. It invites people to discuss what matters most all while enjoying food, drink, and good conversation.

Mike Milner /


Office Support Team

The Office Support team assists the office staff, answers phones, and greets guests during weekday hours.

Carolyn McHenry /


Missions Team

The Missions Team interacts with and serves our Mission Partners by hosting them, sending short term teams, praying, and sending care packages.

Mike Milner /


Prayer Ministry Team

The Prayer Ministry Team prays for people during the Sunday morning service who are wanting ministry in response to what God is doing during our times together.

Mike Milner /