Our team

How We Are Organized

At OLCC our elders govern, our ministry leaders lead, and our people minister. The overall purpose of our leadership structure is to develop a leadership climate that

1. Empowers our ministry leaders,
2. Encourages aggressive progress,
3. Broadens a sense of ownership, and
4. Preserves biblical oversight and accountability.

Elders - The oversight of all ministries at OLCC rests with our elders.

Leadership Team - The responsibility of the Leadership team is to lead and manage the church and all its ministries.

Ministry Leaders - Ministry leaders, some paid staff and some lay leaders, head our various ministries.

The People - The people are the “ministers” at OLCC. The people are the ones gifted, called, and accountable to “do the work of the ministry.”

Brock Bingaman.jpg

Brock Bingaman

Lead Pastor, Leadership Team Member


Areas overseen:

Groups, Preaching Team, All Saints Center, Women’s Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, Training/Equipping

Mike Milner.jpg

Mike Milner

Pastor of Mission, Leadership Team Member


Areas overseen:

Missions, OLCCKids and Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Sunday Teaching, Prayer Ministry Team

Brad Kliman.jpg

Brad Kilman

Pastor of Worship, Leadership Team Member


Areas overseen:

Worship, Business Operations, Administration, Staff leadership

Carolyn McHenry.jpg

Carolyn McHenry

Office Manager


Kailey Marcum.jpg

Kailey Marcum

Graphic Design, High School Youth Pastor


Mike Kline.jpg

Mike Kline

Building and Grounds Superintendent, Men’s Ministry


Claire Westbrook.jpg

Claire Westbrook

Sunday Morning Operations, Women’s Ministry


Colt Westbrook.jpg

Colt Westbrook

Youth Pastor


Esther Kerr.jpg

Esther Kerr

OLCCKids Pastor


Kaysha Fritch.jpg

Kaysha Fritch

OLCCKids Assistant Director


Gretchen Kaup.jpg

Gretchen Kaup

OLCCKids Admin Assistant, Nursery Coordinator


Connie Willems.jpg

Connie Willems

All Saints: Associate Director, Women’s Ministry, Life Coaching


Trish Edwards.jpg

Trish Edwards

Wedding Coordinator, Assistant Director for Missions and Outreach


Jennifer Milner.jpg

Jennifer Milner

Inner Healing Director, OLCCKids Preschool Coordinator


Ezra Jernigans.jpg

Ezra Jernigan

Sound Engineer


Jeremy Berruto.jpg

Jeremy Berruto

Sermon Video Director


Mike Adel.jpg

Mike Adel

Men’s Ministry


Kellie Glass.jpg

Kelli Glass

Women’s Ministry




Wallace Walcher – Lead elder
Todd Glass
Robert Foreman
Steve Hartman
John Moad


Member Care Team

Mike Milner – Team Leader
Marsha Knol
Mark Knol
Steve Hartman
Carolyn McHenry
Cody Risner

Member Care Fund gives our members an opportunity each Communion Sunday to give financial support to OLCC members dealing with unemployment, health issues or emergencies.  Scripture calls us to care for each other – this is just one of the practical ways we can do this.