Living the Life Jesus Promises: The Battle for the Life Jesus Promises, AT Hargrave, 5/28/2017

Guilt: focused on self; seeks to be right and good; motivation is to relieve guilty feelings or to be worthy.

1. Guilt prevents love and intimacy

 Love's "want to" is smothered by guilts "have to."

 Fearing the loss of love one hides certain motives or desires.

2. Guilt prevents spiritual and emotional growth

People do not grow spiritually without bringing the hidden parts of their soul into the light.

Emotionally people do not grow when they present a "false self" that appears to be good or getting better. 

Godly sorrow: focused on the relationship; seeks reconciliation or union; motivation is to love

1. Godly sorrow produces love and intimacy.

Instead of being concerned with being right or good, godly sorrow is concerned the affects one's actions had on the other. 

2. Godly sorrow produces spiritual and emotional growth.

The change in desire comes from the ability ti bring the real self into the light of grace and truth. 


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