Life Coach

As a life coach, Connie helps Christians connect with God so they discover the whole, intentional, and adventurous life He designed for them.

You might want to meet with her if:

  • You sense God strung in your life, inviting you to something new, and you're ready to find out what it is - but you want to make sure you hear from Him about it.

  • You're ready to deal with the stuck places that have been holding you back. Or, you've experienced some freedom and healing and want to move forward into new ways of thinking and responding so you can experience a fresh life on a new foundation.

  • You're unsure of your purpose. You want your life to count and want to find out what God designed for you.

  • You're weary, rushed, stressed. You don't want to go through life putting out fires. You want to know you're focused on God's priorities for you in this season of your life.

  • You sense God whispering, "Lean in. I have more of Myself for you." You want to hear God personally, talk with Him, and connect with Him experientially.

  • You're ready to invest time, heart, and money in what God is doing in you.

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