Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer provides a safe and confidential place to encounter God and personally experience His love and healing power.

You will meet with two people who will facilitate encounters with God. The sessions will involve talking, listening and praying with you. Advice may be given and tools suggested to better equip you and empower you to deal with obstacles that you face in your walk with God; but ultimately, God will be invited to come and meet you where you are and bring healing into the areas of brokenness.


To sign up for Healing Prayer you need to complete this online application form. There is a short waiting list.

You may want to sign up for healing prayer if:

- You consider yourself actively committed to the OLCC family.

- Your relationship with God feels "stuck."

- You desire more freedom and God is highlighting some areas that are blocking that freedom.

- You have time and desire to commit to several sessions; we offer three sessions with a review following.