We’ve discovered that if we want to be a people who live and give the life Jesus promises, our being together is vital. Groups are where authentic friendships happen; it’s how we inspire one another to grow and follow Jesus through intentional investment in each others’ lives and by reaching out to others.

Groups meet in homes or at the church building. The times and days vary and we are a multi-generational family, so there is a place for you to connect no matter what stage of life you’re in!

Click the “Groups” button below to browse the list and connect with one of our Groups! (NOTE: Few groups meet during the summer. Check back as listings become available for new groups starting in September 2019.)


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Leading a group

If you’re interested in leading an OLCC group, whether a community group or some other type of group, you can find our group leader application here.


D Groups

These informal discipleship groups form when a group of 3 to 5 people want to meet together to pray with each other and support each others’ growth.




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Brock Bingaman

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Mike Milner

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Connie Willems