Dorris Miller: God in a Grocery Cart!?

Last night, I unloaded my grocery cart, and started to return it inside the store as I do when parked near the door. I noticed the couple next to me, and the gentleman struggling slightly to walk and push the cart. As I neared the door, I reached back and said that I could take his cart. The lady, who was now in their car shouted, “Oh thank you, Jesus!” That blessed me so much that I said, “I thank Jesus, too!” The lady shouted, “Oh, you are such a blessin’! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I took the 2 carts inside the store, and as I came back out, the lady was still there, and shouted again, “You are such a blessin’ to us! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! What a blessin’!” I waved and said, “You are a blessing, too!” The lady was still thanking Jesus as I got into my car.
I thanked God for the opportunity to see, again, that little things mean a lot! - and that He used me to be his hands and feet for a brother and sister in Christ - and prayed that whatever the status of their relationship with Him, they will seek to know more of Him.
What a wonderful night!

Kailey MarcumComment