D Groups

Our Discipleship Groups — we call them “D Groups” — are small groups of 3-5 men, women, students, or children committed to growing in relationship with God through the Bible, prayer, and honest relationship with each other.

At Our Lord’s, we are devoted to being and making disciples of Jesus.  We live this out in our “D Groups.”  It’s the place where you can grow and learn a simple way to disciple others.  D Groups …   

·      3-5 people

·      Gender specific (men or women)

·      Meet weekly

·      Format: UP (Bible), IN (Life), OUT (Others).


What Happens?

Groups typically meet weekly for about an hour. During the group meetings, we encourage the groups to focus on the following elements: 

UP - Relationship with God

Groups read the Bible together asking the question, “What is God saying to me through this?” The group will discuss what they’re hearing from God.

IN - Relationships with other believers

Group members discuss life questions about practicing Jesus’ values in areas such as money, time, forgiveness, marriage, friendships, and so on.

OUT - Relationships with those who need Jesus

Groups encourage each other to engage others with God’s love through praying for people, talking about God, and serving.

How Do Groups Form?

D Groups form organically as people in the church meet and do life together. Many of our events and gatherings have D Groups embedded in them (such as our women’s ministry, Community Groups, children’s Sunday morning worship, and students’ Fusion gatherings). Why not form a D Group of your own from those around you who are eager for God? Or, if you’d like to be in a D Group, contact us

How Do I Start a D Group?

Starting a D Group is easy.  We have some simple steps for starting your group.  
Click the button to download an information page.

D Group Life Questions:

We have compiled a list of great questions to help you start conversations that go beneath the surface. Click the button to download the questions page