Christmas Eve Service

Come celebrate with us the birth of Jesus! We will have our Christmas Eve Service Sunday, December 24th at 10:30AM. It will be a time to reflect, worship and give thanks to the birth of Jesus. It will be an evening filled with Christmas worship, fellowship and communion will be served!

Advent is a time to remember.  A time to reflect. Art helps us do that.  Art helps us see in a fresh way what we commonly miss.  A painting of a beautiful sunset,  an icon, or poetry about love.. they help us focus in on things worth noticing. This year we have asked four artist in our community to each take one of the four themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy, and help us reflect through the Arts. We will take a moment each week to hear the artist explain their piece of art. We hope the beauty and creativity helps us "see" what we might easily have missed. That through these pieces of art we are able to ponder greatest thing worth pondering: Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Unto us a Savior is born


HOPE - Erin Shaw .jpg
ERIN Back .jpg


PEACE - Kelli Glass.jpg
Kelli Back .jpg


Love- MaryLou.jpg
MaryLou Back.jpg


JOY- Kelsey McGregor.jpg
KELSEY Back .jpg