Who We Are

We are a people who exist to Live and Give the Life Jesus Promises

Jesus says in John 10:10 that He came so that we would have life, and life to the full. Our values em­body this "Full Life" that we want to experience for ourselves and give away to others.

Our Core Values


God is amazing and worthy of our extravagant affection and devotion. We make it a high priority to worship Him corporately and personally.


Within each person is a deep desire to belong and be known. As a church, we are committed to doing life together as family where people are honored and accepted.

Spirit and Truth

We experience transformation by living according to the truth of the Bible and by the revelation and power of the Spirit.


As a church, we are partnering with God to see His will done on earth as it is in heaven.


We are here to help each other take risks that allow God to transform us and change the world.


We believe one of the most important ways to impact the world is to live with one another in transparency and humility.

Member’s Care Fund

Part of being in a church community, means we look after and care for one another. We see this happen in so many ways, but one of the ways that you can do this is to give financially to the Members Care Fund. Money specifically donated to the Members Care Fund, supports our members dealing with unemployment, health issues, or emergencies. A valuable support to those in times of crisis.


Our Rich History

Our Lord’s Community Church began in the 1970s when God created a spiritual hunger in a small group of young Christians. As they prayed together, they felt a growing desire to plant a church. The small group grew into a congregation that, in 1976, met in a gym as part of the RCA (Reformed Church of America).

In our early years, we were known as a center for spiritual renewal, sending out teams to equip others in healing and prayer ministry. Word quickly spread that something was happening to people who prayed with this new congregation. Before long, we needed more space, and in 1986 we moved to our current location. 

We are not a church without wounds and difficulties. The late 80s found us working

through struggles conflict related to the founding pastor, and rebuilding from the grief that such events bring.

OLCC has always emphasized missions, but in the 90s we really began to stretch and grow in our focus on what God was doing around the world. We hosted annual missions conferences and worked to free up greater amounts of money to give to missions.

Throughout our history, our original emphasis has endured. We are still looking to be a church that emphasizes the whole life of Christ, welcomes others in community, experiences God’s Spirit, and extends His kingdom. Today, we want to be a church that is “living and giving the life Jesus promised.”

What God is Doing Today

We want to experience more and more of *the life Jesus promised* and give it away to others. This is why you’ll see us telling stories and celebrating when someone risks taking Jesus up on His promises. You’ll notice that we sometimes rearrange our service formats to give God space to work. You’ll see us connecting with other churches, sponsoring conferences, sending teams to other countries to do ministry, and financially supporting God’s work in Oklahoma City and around the world.

The main way we work this “Jesus life” into people is by multiplying people who live by the truth of His Word and the power of His Spirit. We realize that God has given us two supernatural resources: the Bible and His presence, through the Holy Spirit. Both His Word and His Spirit are vital, and we work to keep them in strong balance in our practice and teaching. Because of this, for example, you will see us teach classes on how to study the Bible and also promote daily Bible reading for everyone in the church. At the same time, we want to experience and welcome the kind of life in the Spirit that the Bible describes.

Along the way, we want to be people who are passionate, authentic, courageous, and generous. In fact, our goals are directly tied to this focus God has given us. We want to be a people who are all in, who are bold in our faith and obedience, and generous with every resource God has entrusted to us as we experience and give away Jesus’s life.