At OLCC, our mission involves training all the people in our community for the work of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:12). Therefore, we provide practical training rooted in scripture and energized by the Spirit so that our people can demonstrate the love and power of the kingdom of God in their daily lives. Consider joining us for training in spiritual formation, spiritual gifts, building healthy relationships, marriage and family, and other important areas of life. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

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Hearing God’s Voice | March 10, 17, 31 Sunday 8:45-10:15am, D-Building

Led by Kelli Glass

The vision and purpose for this class is to teach us how to hear the voice of our Father for ourselves and others. Hearing God’s voice is literally what makes our souls live (Isaiah 55:2). Being able to distinguish the Sheperd’s voice is what marks us out as his people. Hearing His voice is like eating daily bread which feeds the deepest needs of our spirit.

What can you expect from this class?
- Space and time to connect with the Trinity and hear God’s voice for yourself.
- Tools to discover and replace particular blocks to hearing God's voice.
- Renewing our minds through Scripture and prayer, aligning our thinking with the “mind of Christ.”
- Connecting to the Father’s heart for others.
- Biblical principles for hearing God’s voice and passing it on to others: the New Testament gift of prophecy.
- Time and space to practice and personally engage: hands-on activation and engagement.

In 1 Cor 14:12, Paul says to eagerly desire prophecy because it strengthens and builds up the church. “The Greek word for build up means to build a home that is a suitable dwelling place, so when the prophetic is functioning properly the result is an environment where God is pleased to dwell, where he feels home among his people” (Phil Wilthew, Developing a Prophetic Culture, pg. 18).


Individual Prophetic Ministry.jpg

Individual Prophetic Ministry | March 3, April 7, 28

The Bible instructs us to eagerly desire prophecy because it strengthens and builds up the church (1 Corinthians 14:12). Prophecy is simply hearing God's voice and passing it along. If you are interested in receiving prophetic ministry, we have a team of people who are available in the Employee Lounge on the following Sunday mornings: March 3rd, April 7th, and April 28th. Sign up and select the time slot that works best for you! (Please only select one time slot per person so we can allow for as many people as possible.)