Jan 04 - Hebrews 4   NIV, ESV, MSG
Jan 05 - Hebrews 5   NIV, ESV, MSG
Jan 06 - Hebrews 6   NIV, ESV, MSG
Jan 07 - Hebrews 7   NIV, ESV, MSG
Jan 08 - Hebrews 8   NIV, ESV, MSG

Pray (5 minutes) - Talk to God from your heart about the things that matter most to you.
Adoration: “Lord, I’m amazed by Your…”
Confession: “Lord, I was wrong when I…”
Thanksgiving: “Lord, I’m grateful for…”
Supplication: “Lord, I need…” 

Read (5 minutes) - Following our Journey Reading Guide, read the chapter for today. 

Journal (5 minutes)  - After you’ve read your chapter, go back and ask, “What is God saying to me?” Write what you hear.