A Bible Reading Plan for the Church

Welcome to, The Journey*, our church family's Bible reading plan. We've found that there is great benefit to reading the same portion of Scripture at the same time… and to sharing what God is saying to us as we go along.  By spending at least 15 minutes with God each day, He fills our minds and hearts with what matters most to Him.

Our pace is steady, but doable. One chapter a day, five days a week (M-F).  Here's how to do it ...

Pray (5 minutes) - Talk to God from your heart about the things that matter most to you.

Adoration: “Lord, I’m amazed by Your…”
Confession: “Lord, I was wrong when I…”
Thanksgiving: “Lord, I’m grateful for…”
Supplication: “Lord, I need…” 

Read (5 minutes) - Following our Journey Reading Guide, read the chapter for today.

Journal (5 minutes)  - After you’ve read your chapter, go back and ask, “What is God saying to me?” Write what you hear.

* Note: The Journey Bible reading plan follows "streams" of scripture (e.g. the Paul stream that begins with Luke and Acts and then follows the letters of Paul in chronological order, or the John stream that starts with his gospel and continues through his letters to the Revelation).  By following each “stream” we have time to recognize and enjoy the unique language, imagery and message of each writer.