6 - 12 Grade | Wednesday 6:30-8:00PM in OLCC Chapel

We want to introduce students to Jesus in a way that changes their lives forever and makes them desire to live whole-heartedly for Him.

Our students got together and decided it was important to them to be a community where

• We experience belonging to a family
• We grow in God
• We encounter God together
• We impact the world

We want everyone to catch a vision that they can change the world because they follow the God who wants to do just that.

About 35 of us gather each Wednesday night; this is the heart of what we do. At times, all ages will be together, and we love to see the flow of relationships between the older and younger students. During our small groups, we’ll focus on relating more specifically within age groups.

• We start with hanging out and games!
• We worship together and create an expectation of meeting with God and focusing on Him. We often give space to pray for each other and give God a chance to speak to us, change us, and heal us. 
• We have a Bible based talk that takes us into what God has said so we know how to love the Bible, navigate it, and apply it in a very practical way to our lives. 
• We’ll break into small groups (by ages and by gender). Here is where we build relationship, discuss what we have just heard, or pray for one another.

Special Events

Our events grow directly out of who we are and want to do. Following is just a sample of what you’ll experience.

World Mandate

As a group, we travel to Waco, TX for the weekend to the Antioch Church for the high schoolers to expose them to what God is doing around the world.

This year we are going to World Mandate in Norman, OK February 2-3, 2018. For more information, to sign up, email Kailey - kmarcum@olcc.org


Spring Break 2018, we are going to Purgatory, CO for a 5 day ski trip March 17-22. We are hosting a fundraiser on Sunday, February 11th after church in Fellowship Hall to help raise funds for the youth to travel on this fun trip! Come have fun, and hang out with OLCC's Youth.

For more information or to sign up, email Kailey - kmarcum@olcc.org

Float Trip

The pinnacle of our year a summer trip where we have fun, encounter God and deepen friendships. Typically held during the third week of July.

Colt Westbrook