We take this Great Commission from Jesus seriously. We all have a mandate to live a life that looks like Jesus, as we are on mission for Him. Since our beginnings, OLCC has had the privilege to support and send many people who are making disciples for Jesus. We give just over 10% of our annual budget to support local and global mission.

Look below to have a read through of the places and people we are involved with supporting. It's not only with our finances that we are working with our various partners, but there are practical ways too. 

If you would like to join us in any way with supporting our mission partners, please let us know and we will help you find out how to get connected with missions.

Local Ministry Partners

Greystone Elementary

Our goal is to love and support Greystone elementary as they seek to educate and inspire 900+ local students. One avenue of support is Book Club - a weekly initiative to help students learn to read in a one-on-few setting during the lunch hour. http://www.olcc.org/bookclub Lindsey McClellan helps lead our efforts at Greystone - Brilliantbookclubs@gmail.com Greystone Elementary 2401 NW 115th Terrace Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405)587-3100

John Marshall Mid-High School

Every year we look to bring love and support to John Marshall, a school for 6th-12th graders just down the street from our church building. We host annual luncheons, donate towards gifts, and try to help in any way needed. Please contact the church office if you are interested in helping at JMHS in any way. John Marshall Mid-High School 12201 Portland Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 587-7200

First Stone Ministries

Stephen Black is the executive director of a biblically-based discipleship and support group ministry for those who desire freedom from relational and sexual brokenness issues. First Stone offers a chance to discover newfound freedom in Christ through deeper intimacy with Him and more wholesome ways of relating with others. www.firststone.org stephen@firststone.org

World Outreach Ministries

Gretchen Kaup is working through World Outreach Ministries. Gretchen’s focus is working with inner-city, at risk children in Oklahoma City Schools. gretkaup@gmail.com, www.worldoutreach.org

Willow Springs Boys Ranch

Willow Springs offers a safe, nurturing, structured family-style environment. Willow Springs develops character, responsibility and self-discipline in boys so that they may successfully navigate the challenges of life. www.wsbr.ws, dcarr@wsbr.ws   

Esther Kerr is a counselor at Willow Springs Boys Ranch. She models the transformational love of Jesus Christ to boys in need, at-risk, or in a family crisis. Esther is a licensed counselor who combines her skills in marriage and family therapy with community counseling in her ministry at WSBR. She meets with the residential boys who come from families in crisis who are struggling through hard circumstances such as parents who are deceased, imprisoned, and are struggling with addictions and/or living with mental disabilities. ekerr@olcc.org

Youth for Christ

Russell Migl is the Suburban Area Director with Youth for Christ. YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other likeminded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus. Campus Life programs in Russell’s area include: Deer Creek, Piedmont, as well as Yukon. www.yfcokc.org russell@yfcokc.org

OSU Cru- Faculty Commons

Gena Hellman directs Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff at OSU which is designed to encourage faculty, staff and students explore the relevance of Jesus Christ and share His love to others. www.fcfs-okstate.org gena.hellman@facultycommons.org

Apache Church

Tom and Jerri Hargrave are serving the RCA church in Apache, Oklahoma. They are praying for growth and revival in the town. tomandjeri74@gmail.com

Global Ministry Partners

Allegro Organization (Lebanon)

Justin and Cathleen LeBeau are serving in Lebanon. Justin is teaching at a local school and leads bible studies with Muslims interested in Jesus. Cathleen is a PA and helps at refugee camps. She regularly sees God heal bodies and reunite families. www.allegrosolutions.org/donate Their account name is Mideast-NCC.JCL lebupdates@gmail.com

Eagle’s Wings Foundation (Albania)

Ilir Lika is the executive director of Eagle’s Wings, which is a foundation in Albania for at risk girls that prepares them for a healthy and integrated life in a group home. www.eagleswingsalbania.org eagleswingsalbania@gmail.com

Disciples of Jesus Church Planters (Albania)

*Disciples of Jesus (DoJ) Church Planters, Landi and DeAnne Sula are currently studying in seminary on the East Coast for several years. They plan to go back to Tirana to build up the church. landisula@yahoo.com

*Gregor and Markela Menga are planting and developing churches among the Albanian people in Macedonia. This is their third church plant.

Erjon Ymeraj is church planting in Vlora.

Bledi and Edlira Spaho are in Pristina, Kosovo.

Geni and Soni were in charge of the church plant in Kosovo but have recently moved back to Tirana. They are praying about their next church plant.

Fisi and Manjola Zenelaj are working with Bosnians.

Klodi Licaj pastors a church plant in Berat and his wife, Migena, leads worship and women’s ministry. disciplesofjesus.berat@yahoo.com

Frontiers (Global)

Von and Sue Golder were missionaries for almost 30 years in Albania pastoring/leading a Disciples of Jesus (DoJ) church and sending teams out to church plant in the region. This past summer they moved back stateside to pursue God’s next season for their family. They will be working with indigenous leaders to plant churches internationally where none currently exist. They are based in Washington. www.frontiersusa.org  vsgolder@gmail.com

Open Arms Foundation (Colombia)

Bill and Wanda Perrow at Open Arms ministers to the poor in Medellin. They have a farm for children previously living on the streets along with two church plants. www.openarmsfoundation.com foundationopenarms@gmail.com

Mission Possible (Balkans)

Ivo and Mirjami Ivanov is the president of Mission Possible which focuses on the people of Russia and Eastern Europe through church planting, children’s ministries, drug rehabilitation, education, training, and literature. www.mp.org addie@mp.org

Wycliffe Bible Translators (Tanzania)

Ellen and Johnny Walker are working in Tanzania to translate the New Testament in nine languages. www.wycliffe.org ellen_walker@sil.org

Antioch Ministries International (Portugal)

Shoan and Michelle Holley run a ministry called “The Haven”, an international respite care facility for weary missionaries. shoan@quikmail.org

Grace Fellowship (Africa)

Dave and Gail Seiver travel around the world providing theological and leadership training to pastors and church leaders. Much of their work is in Africa and other closed countries. www.gracefellowshipafrica.org dseiver1@juno.com

Updated March 2018

Go into all the nations and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to put into practice all the things I have commanded you, and I am with you even until the end.
— Matthew 28:19-20


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