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"God's Dispenser of Grace" by AT Hargrave 10-15-2017

Ephesians 3:1-13

1. Recipient and Dispenser

a. God invites us to work with Him


2. Where does this grace come from?

a. God gives

     i. God will give and make known

     ii. Focus on Love Relationship with God

b. Spirit confirms

     i. Through others (vs 5)

     ii. Effective power through ordinary activity (vs 5)

     iii. Creates humility (vs 8)

3. Fulfills God's purpose

a. Magnifies Christ (vs 8)

b. Challenges the Kingdom of Darkness (vs 10)

c. Effects eternity (vs 11)


4. Sustained by interacting with God

a. Boldness

b. access with confidence (prayer vs 12)

c. Perseveres through suffering (vs 13)


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