How We Are Organized

At OLCC our elders govern, our ministry leaders lead, and our people minister. The overall purpose of our leadership structure is to develop a leadership climate that

1. Empowers our ministry leaders,
2. Encourages aggressive progress,
3. Broadens a sense of ownership, and
4. Preserves biblical oversight and accountability.

Elders - The oversight of all ministries at OLCC rests with our elders.

Leadership Team - The responsibility of the Leadership team is to lead and manage the church and all its ministries.  The Leadership Team is led by the Lead Pastor, who is responsible for its formation and effective performance.

Ministry Leaders - Ministry leaders, some paid staff and some lay leaders, head our various ministries.

The People - The people are the “ministers” at OLCC. The people are the ones gifted, called, and accountable to “do the work of the ministry.”

Leadership Team

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Administrative Team


Ministry Directors