We are a people who exist to Live and Give the Life Jesus Promises


Sunday’s Sermon

The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Vision Part 2 (Genesis 12)

Brock Bingaman 1/13/19

What is the Kingdom of God and how can we experience it in our everyday lives? This series addresses these and other related questions, exploring pictures of the Kingdom in the Old Testament, the Kingdom in the message and ministry of Jesus, and the Kingdom in the ongoing life of the church.


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Upcoming Events

One of our values is Family.  Within each person is a deep desire to belong and be known. As a church, we are committed to doing life together as family where people are honored and accepted.

Women’s Launch Night | January 25, 7-9PM

God is at work among us and through us, and the women of OLCC have a key part to play in that work. Join us for this special evening as we worship together and hear about where God is stirring us for 2019. We want to participate in His kingdom activity, experience it in our lives, and join Him in extending it to others.


All Saints, Christian Spirituality | Mondays 6-8:30PM February 25 - May 20

We will explore some of the outstanding Christian spiritual classics, written by people whose love for God and practical wisdom are contagious, and practice together helpful ways to read Scripture and grow in prayer, along with other means to build a sustainable spiritual life.  


At OLCC, “everybody plays.”

We invest ourselves and give to others what God has given us. We want people to be a vital part of our community and to extend God’s kingdom into your community. When you use what God has given you, you give to others and connect with people you might otherwise never have met.  Serving together brings a kind of belonging that just can’t be had in other ways.



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