Dorris Miller: God in a Grocery Cart!?

Last night, I unloaded my grocery cart, and started to return it inside the store as I do when parked near the door. I noticed the couple next to me, and the gentleman struggling slightly to walk and push the cart. As I neared the door, I reached back and said that I could take his cart. The lady, who was now in their car shouted, “Oh thank you, Jesus!” That blessed me so much that I said, “I thank Jesus, too!” The lady shouted, “Oh, you are such a blessin’! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I took the 2 carts inside the store, and as I came back out, the lady was still there, and shouted again, “You are such a blessin’ to us! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! What a blessin’!” I waved and said, “You are a blessing, too!” The lady was still thanking Jesus as I got into my car.
I thanked God for the opportunity to see, again, that little things mean a lot! - and that He used me to be his hands and feet for a brother and sister in Christ - and prayed that whatever the status of their relationship with Him, they will seek to know more of Him.
What a wonderful night!

Susie Cassil: Healing

"I spent last week helping my daughter in law with her three boys.  (ages 4, 3 and 1)  The baby doesn't walk so I carried him up and down stairs a lot.  I also wretched my back while trying to get the three year old's seat belt on and their grandfather (DIL's father) took off in the car and I wasn't buckled in yet.  Then the night before weflew home, I missed a step going into the living room and fell.  With all that and pushing a double stroller and pulling a suitcase,well, that's a lot for this old lady.  My back was hurting all day Saturday and still hurting Sunday morning.  Plus while standing singing and had some real sharp pains in my lower side.  Both was prayed for and I was in no pain at the end of the second prayer. I'm sorry to say that I've had a couple of pains today in my back.  I've had trouble off and on (more off than on) for several years." 

Caleb McKean: Healing

"This past Sunday (1/15/17) I received prayer form Lisa. I have had some arthritic pain in my left knee for a long time and lately have had some issues with sharp pain every once in a while when I take a step or pivot on that knee-this is not pain that I feel all the time. I felt warmth and a flowing coolness over my knee during one of the prayers. My knee has felt great the past couple of days. It is not stiff after being bending (such as sitting cross legged). I most certainly have not had the pain I had before."