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The Parenting Course

Parenting Course | September 23-24 | OLCC



Friday night - 6:30pm-8:30pm (no dinner, but snacks and drinks provided)

Saturday - light continental breakfast served for families starting at 8am.  Teaching session starts at 8:30am goes until 12.

Cost? $10 per adult, $20 per couple (payment at the door) - one booklet will be provided to each family represented.  ***No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please send an email if a scholarship would help.

Everybody wants to raise great kids, and to do parenting better than how they were parented themselves.  And though your children came without instruction manuals, that doesn’t mean that great parenting is a mystery that you are left to figure out – there is help available!   

The Parenting Course will give you that help – providing you with practical tips and tools from people that have been successfully navigating parenthood for over 30 years.  In this Friday evening/Saturday morning training event, you can expect to learn, laugh, and find the hope, encouragement, and direction you need to raise great children – in an interactive classroom environment. 

Your Hosts: Mike & Christy Adel

We plan to cover most of the topics that parents tell us they need the most help with:  building relationship, disobedience/disrespect, tantrums, appropriate consequences to behavioral issues, becoming independent, lying, and more – much more.

“Scholarships in the form of money to help pay for childcare on Friday evening are available if needed.  Contact Carolyn McHenry at  We want no one to miss out on this great training for child care reasons.”

Whether you are a married couple, a single parent, grandparent, or wanna-be parent – come join us!   You’re guaranteed to leave with something that you can apply right away to make you a more intentional parent.

It’s not too late.  There is hope.




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Child Care is available but limited availablity so hurry and register your kids today! The deadline to sign up for Child Care is Sunday, September 11, 2016. For any questions about Child Care, contact Rachael Migl at

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