Greystone Big Service Day


Greystone Elementary School Big Serve Day

The Big Service Day at Greystone Elementary will take place on Saturday, July 23rd from 8:00 am-1:00 pm! It will be a great day filled with fellowship, giving and loving through Jesus!


Volunteer Teams


Teacher Assistants

- Up to 65 people possible

- organizing and decorating classrooms

- 2 for every teacher who comes 

Painting Crew

6-10 People touching up entire building walls 

-  mostly halls and public shared space

- Classrooms if time

Landscaping Team

- 10-15 people

- Deweeding, trimming trees, hauling off to pile in front of school

- Chainsaws, hedge trimmers, shears, weedeaters, rakes, shovels, gloves, trucks

Garden Revitalization Team (hot in sun)

- 4-12 people getting garden ready to receive plants

digging, deweeding, tilling soil, bringing in fresh soil

- wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves, etc.

Basketball Goal Crew

-  4-6 people (very hot on pavement)

- 3 goals need new rims (7 nets needed as well)

Blacktop Painting Crew

- 6-15 people (very hot on pavement) painting 3 point and free throw lines, hopscotch, and foursquare lines

- Specific kind of paint (red and blue?), measurement tools

- “Peaceful Playgrounds” on Google - maybe a lot more people 

Playground Crew (hot in sun)

- 10-15 people (5 wheelbarrow, 5 with rakes and shovels)

-  need 1-2 dumptrucks worth of woodchips (*measure)

Random Projects

- Add lock to chain link fence(which contains electrical panel that students are getting into) with combo lock

- Decorating bulletin boards in gym

- Build a reading loft

- Replace 8 broken concrete benches with nice 4 foot benches

-  Cutting down tennis poles

- Get new soccer goals if possible

Interested in being a part of the Team?

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