Ekklesia: God's Plan, Christ's Authority, Our Story

A.T. Hargrave

  1. How does Jesus' Church represent Him here on earth?

  2. How does Jesus' authority flow from heaven to earth?

  3. How does representing Christ change our priorities and lives?

During the whole-church training semester, we'll study key questions about who Jesus is, who we are in Him, and the role of the Holy Spirit. We'll also look at the role of the church and how that role can only be accomplished through the Holy Spirit's power given to each member of the church body. There are certain things that only the church can do - and must do - together. We want to be that church!

We know that the church is more than Sunday meetings and weekly programs - it's all about living in and representing Christ here on earth. But how do we live that out? The Church is God's idea, and to function as He intended, we must have a better understanding of Jesus as Lord and Christ.

All recordings from 2017.