OLCC and Greystone

Our goal is to love and support Greystone elementary as they seek to educate and inspire 900+ local students. One avenue of support is through Brilliant Book Clubs. Brilliant Book Clubs is a lunch break book buddy program for at-risk Elementary Schools in Oklahoma City. They mobilize local volunteers to meet in these schools with two to three students during their lunch break to talk, eat, and read a book together. Book Clubs help kids catch up with their reading level, greatly increasing their chances of making it to high school graduation and out of poverty. 

We can be bombarded with so much going on in the world that we sometimes fail to notice the need right in our own communities. So many kids in our city are struggling to read - a HUGE determining factor of success in school and success in their future workplaces is their ability to read. The community has an amazing opportunity to step in and meet this need at the age when students need it most, giving families the tools they need to help set them free from cycles of generational poverty! Let's join together to help show these kids they, too, can be BRILLIANT.

About Volunteering

Volunteers choose which age (Pre-K through 6th grade) and the lunchtime (usually 10:30am-12:30pm.)  We will take them through a few easy pre-requisites in the application process to make sure that the volunteers are trained and equipped to be as book buddy with 2-3 kiddos.

You do not need to be a teacher or a tutor to be a book buddy!

If you can read at a 6th grade reading level, you can be a big help to these kids. Having a friend coach them in a small group as they practice their reading is special because these kids rarely get one on one attention in their large classrooms. It can help them to feel less intimidated to practice reading out loud in a smaller setting with just a few friends, and they gain a buddy and mentor in the process.

If you want to join us in volunteering as a book buddy at Greystone, you can here: 

It's only 30 minutes a week during your lunch!