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All Saints is a training center, housed at Our Lord's Community Church, that offers seminary-level training in the areas of theological studies, spiritual formation, and leadership development. As an interdenominational and ecumenical center, we value the various ways God works to establish devoted followers of Jesus in Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox churches. The driving vision of All Saints is based on the New Testament conviction that all the saints are to be equipped for ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:12).



—Dr. Brock Bingaman, Founder

The Need for All Saints

All Saints is located at Our Lord’s Community Church (OLCC) in Oklahoma City. OLCC has a rich history of equipping the saints in the context of friendly cooperation with churches of various traditions. This ecumenical mindset undergirds every dimension of All Saints.

Celebrating the fact that God is on the move across a spectrum of churches in our city and region, All Saints seeks to strengthen local churches in biblical, practical, sustainable ways. Through ongoing programs of robust study, prayer, and action, All Saints empowers Christians to be contemplative reformers, to follow Jesus in the mystical and missional life.

Further, a tectonic shift is occurring in the landscape of theological, spiritual, and leadership training. Even the best traditional seminaries have been struggling to survive for the past thirty years. New forms and expressions of theological and leadership education are emerging. In this new landscape, the local church has the opportunity to serve as the primary vehicle for theological education and transformation. All Saints is at the forefront of these significant changes. Providing education and training that are affordable, rooted in the local church, and focused on practical wisdom, All Saints equips Christians at the grass-roots level.


All Saints offers a variety of learning experiences. At the core of All Saints is a nine-month journey that includes three modules, each with a practicum that strengthens students’ calling, gifts, and ministry. Students may take the modules individually or take them all to receive the certificate for that track.

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: Theological Studies

Students may take the modules individually or take them all to receive the Certificate in Theological Studies. Certificate students will receive a customized intake process and personal mentoring throughout the course year.  In addition, they will complete a personal practicum as they apply each course to their individual lives. 


BIBliCAL Studies

Interacting with God Through Scripture

This course equips students to study the Bible with careful thought and spiritual sensitivity. It provides students with strategies and tools to read and apply Scripture in a context of prayer and devotion to God.

• • •

“The Bible is not a dry textbook but a living prayer book, a sacrament through which the living Word reveals himself to us, transforming us into his image.”



Church History

Exploring the Holy Spirit's Work Throughout History

This course helps students explore their Christian roots by developing a historical framework for understanding God’s work through the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches in history.

• • •

“Church history is not a boring accumulation of facts, but an adventure into the works of God through his people over the past two-thousand years.”


spiritual Formation

Communing with God, Growing in Christlikeness

This course equips students to cultivate lives of communion with God that engenders personal transformation. Through the study of great spiritual classics, students will glean practical wisdom on growing in love for God and others. 

• • •

“The Christian spiritual classics – including the Desert Fathers and Mothers, Teresa of Avila, Kallistos Ware, and others – provide road maps into the heart of God. The authors speak to us from the pages of their writings and become our spiritual mentors.”

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Coming Fall 2019: The All Saints Certificate in Leadership Studies

T H E O L O G Y   I S   A N   E X P E R I E N C E.  You first begin to think theologically. Then, If you're doing reflection on God in the presence of God, you begin to carry that with you everywhere.

T H E O L O G Y   I S   A N   E X P E R I E N C E.  You first begin to think theologically. Then, If you're doing reflection on God in the presence of God, you begin to carry that with you everywhere.



As might be expected, the approach of All Saints courses will be biblical and substantive. In the language of Christian spirituality, the approach will be:


The word mystical, commonly used in classic Christian theology and spirituality, suggests our union with God in Christ (Jn. 17:21; 1 Cor. 6:17). Accordingly, All Saints courses create contemplative space to experience the presence of God and deepen our relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Transformation and growth occur in community. At All Saints, students will experience the presence of God together, joining sisters and brothers to “feast” around a table of rich conversation and friendship. Our approach to learning will center on dialogue that leads to discovery.


All Saints unites the contemplative and active lifestyles. Prayer and work are united endeavors. Each course involves personal integration that moves students to engage practically with God’s activity in their world.


"Is All Saints for me?" Yes! The courses will be designed to meet a variety of students, where they live:

  • Laypeople who are hungry to study, dialogue, and go deeper than Sunday sermons or weekly Bible studies allow.
  • The person in volunteer or paid ministry who wants to be trained, but is not able to interrupt life or who cannot afford to attend seminary.
  • Women and men who sense God is calling them to step up in leadership and kingdom influence.

All Saints is for anyone,  whether young, middle-aged, or retired, who is ready to invest nine months in seeking God, learning more about the Scriptures, church history, and practices within classic Christian spirituality that bolster and sustain life with God.  

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All Saints is for anyone ready to invest in studies that lead to life and leadership in communion with God.



Dr. Brock Bingaman

The founder and director of All Saints, Dr. Brock Bingaman, has twenty-five years of leadership experience in the academy, church, and business world. Dr. Bingaman currently serves as Associate Pastor of Discipleship at Our Lord’s Community Church in Oklahoma City. Before this, he served as Associate Professor, Director of Religious Studies, and Director of the Pre-Seminary Program at Wesleyan College in Georgia, the oldest women’s college in the world. His publications include A Luminous Life: Rediscovering Classic Christian Spirituality (Wipf and Stock, 2018), All Things New: The Trinitarian Nature of the Human Calling in Maximus the Confessor and Jürgen Moltmann (Princeton Theological Monograph Series, 2014), The Philokalia: A Classic of Orthodox Spirituality (Oxford, 2012), as well as numerous book chapters and articles in academic journals. In addition to academic leadership, Dr. Bingaman has served in multi-cultural and multi-generational churches in Chicago and Oklahoma, founded an international internship for young leaders, and established an AIDS hospice ministry in the 1990s. He also launched and sold a business in the Mission District of San Francisco. Drawing from these experiences in different spheres, Dr. Bingaman envisions All Saints as a means of linking the academy, church, and marketplace.

Connie Willems

The associate director of All Saints, Connie Willems, has more than thirty years experience in church and parachurch organizations. She brings an extensive background in authoring and training in the Evangelical community including co-authoring worldview curriculum for leadership organizations. She served as Managing Editor of Discipleship Journal, a publication of The Navigators, and Senior Editor for NavPress. In addition, she has extensive experience in the local church, including working on church staff, training and teaching, or serving on a church leadership team.


NEW FORMS of theological education are emerging. Rooted in the local church and providing practical training, ALL SAINTS is at the forefront of those changes.


Invest in All Saints

Will you consider investing in this new venture, an investment that will lead to transformed lives and empowered churches? Our desire is to create a fund that can cover operating costs and scholarships until All Saints is established and able to fund itself. Would you consider joining All Saints:

  • With a gift of any size? 
  • As a student sponsor? Sponsors provide for one or more students. $2500 per student.
  • As a Founder’s Circle member? Founders would, over three years, contribute significantly to the long-term legacy of All Saints. $5,000 or $10,000 per year for three years.

Donations will be made to Our Lord's Community Church, for the All Saints fund. The All Saints fund will be used for salaries, equipment, operating expenses, student scholarships, and honoraria for visiting faculty.

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More Than a Class

 All Saints is not mere learning or equipping; it invites students into a journey with God.

 A journey into study, prayer, and transformation through intimacy with God.

Since theology is reflection on God in the presence of God, All Saints’ courses are designed for students to encounter God, hear the voice of God, and be transformed by the love of God.

A journey into the riches of our Christian roots and heritage.

As Jesus said, we are to bring out of the strorerooms treasures of the kingdom old and new (Matt. 13:52). All Saints courses draw on the riches of the past as we look for what God is doing in the present.

A journey into life and leadership in communion with God.

Our aim in All Saints is to teach students how to develop sustainable spiritual practices that deepen communion with God, and to recognize how communion with God empowers leadership or influence in the church and world.